After «Insomnia» the territory on which the festival was held should contain a minimum of traces of what was happening on it just recently. This means that all garbage must be collected and taken away together by all of us.

Observance of cleanliness and cleaning after themselves are important for many reasons. This is the preservation of the harmony of nature and our own karma; these are good relations between the organizers of the festival and the site’s owners, which will allow us to count on the repetition of the holiday in the future.

We are happy to inform you that this year some of the waste (glass and plastic bottles, as well as aluminum cans) will be sent for processing to Kaluga, with which a friendly eco-volunteer team will help us.
Rules of stay at the festival.

  • Do not cut down a living forest, but use the dry woods or firewood which are brought as well as the coal.
  • Recycle waste (glass and plastic bottles, as well as aluminum cans) into special boxes.
  • Use toilets: although human excrements are organic and decompose in nature, they attract wild animals, disrupt natural processes in the forest and spoil the mood when folks are walking around.
  • If the closest toilet is too far away from you, you can dig a small hole near your camp, use it for organic waste, and cover it with soil at the end of the festival.
  • Refrain from bringing excess containers, including glass containers.
  • Use waste collection bags installed at the festival. If you do not have them near your camp and you did not bring trash bags with you, take them from the organizers and bring them when they are full to the nearest waste collection point.
  • Make garbage flat and compact when possible – this simplifies its removal and transportation.
  • Do not wash or brush your teeth in water sources (ponds, streams). Any soap contains chemicals that are harmful to nature, but it’s enough to move 10 meters from the shore, and the ground itself will filter out any excess.

If you do not take away the garbage, it will not go anywhere from there until the valiant team of volunteers cleans the whole forest. We do kindly ask you to treat the Nature with respect, as well as be respectful towards organizers and to each other.