At night the light is brightest

At night the light is brightest

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2022 is the anniversary year of the Insomnia festival. This is our 10th festival.

At the same time, 2022 is the year when many things have changed.

So now, this year, we have two reasons to talk about the most important things - why we hold the festival, what our values are, and why it is so important for us to continue. Even now.

Animation Festival is animation and festival.

ANIMATION is magic, art, creative freedom (and it's always been), a special metaphorical language, an untamable flight of imagination, and a variety of genres and forms. It's weird. It's funny. It's sad. And it's beautiful.
We want to arouse the ability to love good animation in as many people as possible.

FESTIVAL is people, joy, summer, the forest, and the riverbank, the night sky and the stars, the meadow, the scent of hay, fogs, and again — people. The people for whom it’s important to be together: to meet again or just now get acquainted, or just smile at each other only once. The festival is also about forgetting your everyday life for a few days to dive deep into this festival reality. To share your feelings with other people: to shelter together from the warm rain in the daytime and laugh together while sitting at the screens at night. To return to true yourself, to shake off all those bad things that occupy your mind, and to be as free and light-hearted as you can get in these dark times. Just for a couple of days.

Festival is about a big family, about the importance of shared experience. Festival is about peace. Festival is about love.

These hardly defined unnamed things which we give each other during festival days leave their mark, change us and support us through all cold winters.

Somewhere at the intersection of these value lines — creative freedom and the joy of "here and now" human life — lies the answer to the question "why we hold the festival". These values seem especially important to us now. It's easy to forget about them in dark times, but we must remember.

Last year, the Insomnia festival got a new slogan, the meaning of which has become deeper and more innermost during this time.


We want to remember this - the light in the dark, and that's why we are holding the festival with you.

See you!

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