Where is the Festival? How do I get there?

Insomnia takes place in Russia, Kaluga Region. The easiest way to get there is by plane via Moscow. Festival buses departing from Moscow will take you straight to the Festival location. You could also go by train from Moscow to Kaluga city and board a Festival bus there.

How much does the Festival cost?

The entrance to the Festival, the animation shows and putting up your own tent in the camping area are free of charge. We only charge for additional goods and services – guarded parking, charging your phones, food and beverages in cafe, etc.

What are the travel costs?

The flight rates depend on your departure point. For example, a flight from Paris to Moscow and back costs around 260 USD (215 EURO), from Rio de Janeiro and back – 1 640 USD. You can find a suitable flight on any flight aggregator like, for example, www.kayak.com The price for a one-way ticket on the Festival bus starts from RUB 1200 (19 USD), the earlier you purchase the cheaper ticket you get. Link (in Russian): http://insomniafest.ru/about-festival/bus-tickets/

What should I take with me?

You will be staying in a forest away from civilization for a couple of days and nights. You will need:

  • a tent, a sleeping bag and a tourist mat;
  • if you are not planning to eat in Festival cafes – food and cooking utensils;
  • proper clothing for all kinds of weather — it might be dry and hot or cold and rainy. At night fog closes down on the Festival and it gets chilly;
  • personal hygiene items and medication;
  • a valid form of ID (Passport, Driving Licence, etc.), a health insurance certificate, cash (RUB);
  • a torch, a mobile phone and other useful necessities.

Please remember though that excessive luggage could make your stay at the Festival uncomfortable one way or another – you will have to carry your things to the camping place and bother about keeping them safe. There is no immediate access to the camping area by car.

I do not have a tent. What do I do?

The Festival offers a camping hotel arranged by Caravan in a guarded quiet corner of the Festival area with large fitted out tents. To make enquiries about the prices and to book the accommodation please visit the Caravan website (in Russian): http://caravan-service.org/insomnia2018/. Our partners will also rent out tents, sleeping bags and tourist mats. You will soon be able to look up the prices and book your equipment in advance on our website.

Are there mosquitos, ticks and other stinging and biting insects?

Of course. Bring repellents with you.

Where is the nearest hospital?

There will be a medical service working on the Festival, ready to help when necessary or quickly call an ambulance. You can reach the medical service through the Info center or by contacting people with red crosses.

Will I be able to charge my mobile phone somewhere?

Yes, it is one of Insomnia’s paid services. Please find the Info center on the Festival.

What about mobile and internet service?

Unfortunately, the signal is very low on the Festival area. The best places to catch it are near the Info center or on the walk towards the roadway exit.

Where do I eat?

Adults and kids can have regular tasty meals at reasonable prices any time of day and night at the “Lumiere airplane Café”. Vegetarians will not stay hungry either. In our cafes and tea spots you can try different sorts of tea and coffee from all over the world.

Is it allowed to make a campfire and cook food? Is there firewood?

You are allowed to make a campfire. Fallen deadwood can be gathered in the surrounding woods. Please don’t fell deadwood and don’t hurt live trees.

Attention! OBLIGATORY requirement of the forestry administration – you must dig around all campfire spots. Please also take additional precautionary measures – clear the territory around the fire spot, put out the fire before leaving the camp or going to sleep. Thank you!

Is there drinking water?

Water will be for sale in 5L bottles. There are no springs with drinking water.

Where do I put up my tent?

You can put up tents only adjacent to the festival area. It is FORBIDDEN to put up tents directly on the festival area.

Please bear in mind there is a lot of nettle growing in the forest. You can easily tread it down or just beat it down with a stick. If you don’t want to be stung by nettle while putting up the camp – don’t wear shorts and sleeveless T-shirts.

Please, be careful, barbed wire from II World War times may still be found in the forest.

Can I come with children?

Of course you can! Despite the fact that the content on the main screens is designed for an adult audience, a children’s playground will work specially for guests with children at the festival. In the program: the creation of animation, land-art, animation before bed, musical jams, art therapy, board games and much more. Also, the «Diafilminarium» will work with Soviet filmstrips designed for children.

Can I bring alcohol and drink it?

We are not advocates of the «dry law» if you do not cause inconvenience to others. !! The use of illegal drugs on festival is strictly forbidden!

Is there a pond nearby? Is it possible to swim? Can I take a shower somewhere?

A river flows alongside the festival glade, however it is forbidden to swim in it – in order to avoid accidents. There will be a bathhouse. And there will be a few shower cabins with sun-heated water free of charge! Please use pine tar soap – it is a natural product useful for the skin and with no harm for the environment. Yep, there will be a fair on the territory of the festival where you can buy not only souvenirs, but also other useful things. Original souvenirs «Insomnia» will be sold in the festival Info center.

Will it be possible to buy some souvenirs?

Yes, there will be a fair on the territory of the festival where you can buy not only souvenirs, but also many other helpful staff. Original souvenirs «Insomnia» will be sold in the festival Info center.

Will there be music at the festival?

This year two music scenes will be organized with live bands performances in different genres.

What to do during the day?

For example:

  • participate in a numerous lectures and master classes;
  • go to the playground with children;
  • play volleyball or soccer;
  • find and buy useful handmade things in our fair;
  • enjoy the music at two music scenes and even dance!
  • wander through the festival area exploring our other objects and locations.

Will strong rain prevent the festival?

The festival will take place in any weather condition. There are huge tents in front of the main screens. The roofs of the festival cafes can hide hundreds of guests. Lectures, master classes, a children’s playground are under large cozy tents. During the rains and cool weather we burn particular large bonfires. Traditionally the biggest bonfire is in front of the cafe «Lumiere airplane Café”.

Can I bring my dog with me?

We do not prohibit bringing pets, but we hope that they will be kind, with muzzles and on a leash. Hope we won’t need to remind to clean up the poo after them.

I am a journalist/author/.. Who can i contact?

You can contact: q@insomniafest.ru

If you are an author, please, contact our AnimaHost team: host@insomniafest.ru.